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Welcome to – home of the multi-genre musicians' consortium STEWARDS ECLECTRIC.

To our valued repeat visitors, followers, and admitted fans: welcome back. It is for your ears we keep old tape rolling, discs spinning, gears meshing, and organic machinery humming. Creativity is unpredictable - which is how it should be. The idea is and always was to make new music and have some fun. We're serious about the music but beyond that... well, see for yourself.

As always, we invite you to listen using the music players at the bottom of this page. They're FREE. If you do not have music quality computer speakers, we hope you might use good stereo headphones if you got 'em. (Our fussy recording engineer thanks you!) The pandemic shutdown here initially slowed our roll, but we're getting caught up, and new material is coming out, so we're rollin' yet again.

Of course, you may have another reason for being here. Seeking info about some music heard recently, shared, streamed, or on a playlist? Are you searching for info about a particular band [Bobby Comstock Band, Headwind, Strange Brew, Farmhouse Garage, etc.] or about a particular song, recording artist or musician, past or current? Check ‘Bandography’ on the ABOUT page; SONG INFO; pics and artwork in PHOTO/ART GALLERY; and many tidbits both relevant and obscure, hiding in our often quoted if not outright plagiarized Q&A pages, ©!

Send comments, questions, love and hate mail by using the email addresses on the Q&A page, or the CONTACT form there. We answer many inquiries directly, and if interesting on a broader scale, sometimes post the exchange. Thanks.


Thanks for  assistance from friends and fans for helping us  resolve the site's recent  accessiblity issues.  Sorry if it didn't come up on your fern.

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Our music is not 'promoted'  ~ (in the current business sense).

There's music. And then there's business. Put them together, you have diametrically-opposed concepts, like 'jumbo shrimp' only not as tasty, or like that referenced by Sir Edward Bentley's quote: "Rock and opera - two words that should NEVER go together".   

     Life, as you've probably noticed, is too short - a problem  blamed in general on those effing with human DNA for years - and now have the big V to deal with. So: do we spend  our time writing, playing, and recording, doing musical things meaningful and fulfilling to the soul, OR  do we jump through little plastic hoops  for a few cents thrown upon the stage? We choose the former.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Hello  new lissners   at Saint Mary's.

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' ' The music you love is wherever you find it ! ' '     TM

Reach out, shoot an email, say what you think.

Enjoy your visit.

~ Steve

The Steward

Q & A of the Week:

Q. From Joel: You play some pretty hot bass in all generas [sic], even on the country stuff. [Uh...'Frackin’ Hoedown' maybe?] I play bass, too and wonder who your influences were, and who was your favorite drummer to play with.

A. When I was learning the instrument and lissning to songs on radio and records, there wasn’t much that I couldn’t almost instantly play, so initially challenges and influences were sparse. Based on what I was hearing, I’d have to cite the great Motown session player James Jamerson as well as pop/jazz/rock group Blood, Sweat & Tears bassist Jim Fielder. (Come to think of it, they both played sunburst Fender Precisions, like the underlay here.) My all-time favorite drummer was and always will be Allen Vanderburg. He was my groove mentor, and taught me a lot. Al Hartland was excellent, a younger and more technical 'Burg but with that same groove mentality. Playing with him was a pleasure; same for goes for drummers Mitch Doll and Mike Pleviak, Doug Kelly and "Mister Four-Four" Gary Driscoll, all very talented. Thanks for the interview-type qiestion.  

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Western Country, 100% INSTRUMENTAL, big twang for a big horse.   TIME: 3:42
Zorro's black horse finally lands a speaking role. Oh, Wilbur!  TIME: 3:41
The Steward performs Sgt. Garcia's drinking song LIVE at the Hollywood Roosevelt.  TIME: 6:09
 Two-stage ROCK INSTRUMENTAL dedicated to the loved one crossed over.  TIME: 5:53
The sister version to "CROSSING ACROSS", with lyrics for a WEDDING CELEBRATION or joining CEREMONY. TIME: 6:08
 A simplistic homage to '40s big band JAZZ, especially The Duke. 99.7% INSTRUMENTAL, Time: 2:14
JAZZ/ROCK/FUNK for those who have served and will march no more. 99.8% INSTRUMENTAL  TIME: 5:46
Ginny's Grandpa makes a wrong decision for all the right reasons in this sad farm COUNTRY BALLAD. TIME: 4:18
A four-minute COUNTRY barn-thumping foot-stomper, follow-up to "Frackin' Fool".
Space-trekking 3-minute ROCK guitar INSTRUMENTAL, the STEWARDS ECLECTRIC re-cut.
INDIE ROCK based upon the Lakota word and meaning.  TIME: 5:21
A solo BLUES performance, one Strat, one microphone, one big ad lib.  TIME: 5:02
A train trip on the left coast. Go first class. Smooth JAZZ-ROCK, 99.5% INSTRUMENTAL.  TIME: 5:26
Our first driving ROCK wannabe hit, this is the original "Ridin', Drivin'..." album cut.  TIME: 3:27

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