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Welcome to – home of the multi-genre musicians' consortium STEWARDS ECLECTRIC.

To our valued repeat visitors, followers, and admitted fans: welcome back. It is for your ears we keep this organic music machine humming. Creativity is unpredictable - which is how it should be. The idea is and always was to make new music and have some fun. We're serious about the music but beyond that... well, see for yourself.

As always, we invite you to listen using the music players at the bottom of this page. (Instructions there if you're new to this; it's FREE.) If you do not have music quality computer speakers, we hope you might use headphones or ear buds if you got 'em - for the full sonic experience. (Our obsessive recording engineer pleads for this!) There is no obligation, and no musician will call.

Of course, you may have another reason for being here. Seeking info about some music heard recently, shared, streamed, or on a playlist? Are you searching for info about a particular band [Bobby Comstock Band, Headwind, Strange Brew, Farmhouse Garage, etc.] or about a particular song, recording artist or musician, past or current? Check ‘Bandography’ on the ABOUT page; SONG INFO; pics and artwork in PHOTO/ART GALLERY; and many tidbits both relevant and obscure, hiding in our often quoted if not outright plagiarized Q&A pages, ©!

Send comments, questions, love and hate mail by using the email addresses on the Q&A page, or the CONTACT form there. We answer many inquiries directly, and if interesting on a broader scale, sometimes post the exchange. Thanks.


  Onward we go...

*   *   * *   *   *   *

Consider the following: that most forms of so-called  'entertainment', (music, sports, movies, TV & video, and   politics), may be designed distractions to keep peoples' minds off of what's REALLY happening.

We claim that what's really happening is  more  amazing, bizarre and mind boggling than Roddenberry's Star Trek, Lucas' Star Wars or SCTV's Star Heads. Ultimately, the arts, a lifting of the fog, a rise in our consciousness and a little help from our  Star Friends will reveal the truth of our situation, here on  Earth and beyond. 

*   *   *     *   *   *

Until then, take a deep breath...  Hava mugga joe, a cuppa tea, glassa wine, steina brew, shotta scotchsplasha juice, or a cool drinka wahwah ~ and roll some of our tunes of remarkably different genres.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Our inventions of 'Goodtimes Jukie-box' (Gotsome Body), 'Bowling Ball Rock' (Gone to Richard's), 'Left-handed Hip Hop (Nonnel J. Blues) & 'Barefoot Zappa' (Frackin' Hoedown) are not recognized musical genres... (let's hear from you, Spotify!) ... much like our word "Eclectric".

So the dictionary should say:

eclectric |ek LEK trik| adjective: deriving energetically charged ideas, styles, or tastes from a broad and diverse range of sources, as in: their musical tastes are eclectric.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

' ' The music you love is wherever you find it ! ' '     TM

*   *   *   *   *     

Hey There! to:  our lissner in Santa Ines (Brazil), to Nick B.,  to  rudyetoledo,  to Danielle, Ashley, Mary, Gede, Brandy, Jamstone; Amie, Laci, Janie, Gina, BAM and that  Coneflower Guy and to others for the  'likes',  comments, shares & reposts  on their personal playlists.

Thanks for lissning & mucho appreciado...

*   *  *     

We  put all our eggs in   this one social media basket ~ the stewardsongs website ~ it's our take on  Ben Franklin's pulp,  as in: 'Poor Stephen's Almanac'. You are invited. 

Shoot an email, say what you think.

*   *   *     *   *   *

Enjoy your visit.  Come again.

~ Steve

a.k.a. The Steward


Nick B. used the quick & easy submission form on the CONTACT/Q&A page to send: "Hello, you are awesome! keep going!" - a comment and wish beautiful in its simplicity and sincerity. THESE kind of genuine comments really do keep us going.

Thanks for lissning (and sending) Nick!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Mechling wrote about recent release Gotsome Body: "STEWARDS ECLECTRIC, I can't lie this track is on FIREEE!!!..." 

A. Always good to hear, but I bet you say that to all the artists ya wanna promote. You were lissning to the 'original', early posting of the song. A few days later, we remastered an even hotter version - it has the '(loud master)' notation. That is the one published, and sent to Spotify and other music distribution venues, (and offered in the free player below). Of course, your message, Mechling, would have meant more if you had given it a genuine 'like', or if it wasn't a re-used, copied&pasted comment from your arsenal of complimentary things to say to (so-called) starving artists to strip $ from them in return for a bunch of phoney-baloney plays, hollow B.S. comments and artificial 'likes'. We prefer genuine comments and play counts, (even if it's only a few, thank you), but still give appropriate thanks anyway for your comment, and for reposting it on SoundCloud & sharing to other playlists.

Take notice, aspiring music artists: the website offered on the heels of the (above) compliment was but a net thrown into the water ~ in hopes of catching unsuspecting ones swimming by, exuding talent and ambition, dreaming of monetary success or a way to impress their friends. Concentrate on your art, NOT on numerical play counts and disingenuous compliments that you can pay for like a magazine subscription.

Remember that during the historic gold rushes in California and Alaska, the ones who usually got rich were the outfitters and storekeepers, ready and waiting to sell picks, shovels, pots and pans and canned food to the fortune seekers.

That's where the REAL gold was!

~ use these (absolutely free) song players one of two ways ~

1. Simply click on the arrow in circle to play that song. it plays and stops. (your screen stays here.)

*   *   *   *   *     

2. OR: click on the left-hand artwork. this takes you to the SoundCloud page for a larger view of the cover art and audio waveform. after that track plays, other tracks may play automatically - or just backspace back to here.

*   *   *   *   *     

note: The SoundCloud players employ cookies for reading analytics data. (actually, we prefer them for dunking...) we discharge the legal mandate to disclose this here.

~ purchase links supplied below if desired ~

STEWARDS ECLECTRIC music is available as a digital download on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, and most others. Thanks for supporting Independently produced MUSIC !!!


PLAYERS - hear the complete Songs - FREE

Goodtimes Jukebox pop for a rockin' time.  TIME: 4:01
The John Lennon thing, written Dec. 8, 1980, released Dec. 8, 2020.  TIME: 6:19
Flip side of the single. 'Left-handed hip hop' - or not.  TIME: 3:00
Bowling ball rock with a big hook at the end.    TIME: 5:34
 A bittersweet lament about those double rainbows.    TIME: 4:08
Western Country, 100% INSTRUMENTAL, big twang for a big horse.   TIME: 3:42
Zorro's black horse finally lands a speaking role. Oh, Wilbur!  TIME: 3:41
The Steward performs Sgt. Garcia's drinking song LIVE at the Hollywood Roosevelt.  TIME: 6:09
 Two-stage ROCK INSTRUMENTAL dedicated to the loved one crossed over.  TIME: 5:53
Sister to "CROSSING..." - Lyrics for a WEDDING or JOINING celebration. TIME: 6:08
 A simplistic homage to '40s big band JAZZ, especially The Duke. 99.7% INSTRUMENTAL, Time: 2:14
JAZZ/ROCK/FUNK for those who have served and will march no more. 99.8% INSTRUMENTAL  TIME: 5:46
Grandpa makes the wrong decision for all the right reasons in this COUNTRY BALLAD. TIME: 4:18
A four-minute COUNTRY barn-thumping foot-stomper, follow-up to "Frackin' Fool".
Space-trekking 3-minute ROCK guitar INSTRUMENTAL, the STEWARDS ECLECTRIC re-cut.
INDIE ROCK based upon the Lakota word and meaning.  TIME: 5:21
A solo BLUES performance, one Strat, one microphone, one big ad lib.  TIME: 5:02

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~ We do our best to "Have Some Fun!"