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Welcome to ~ home of the STEWARDS ECLECTRIC studio band.

Regardeless of what others may think, we're serious, but only about a few things. There's the music ~ players at bottom of page. Also: accurate history; the universal power of love; and the light that it shines ~ but beyond that...? Well, see for yourself.

To our valued repeat visitors, followers, and admitted fans: welcome back. It is for your ears we keep this organic music machine humming. Creativity is unpredictable ~ which is how it should be. The idea is and always was to make new music and have some fun.

This collection of musicians, singers, techies, friends, and occasional combatants includes some real characters ~ they would be the first to admit it! ~ and as head writer and director, The Steward rides herd on the talents of Toots Headstrong, Sings Two Bears, Lovechio Armitage, Thaler N. Shorter, Dawn Busz-Rider, Trombone Lefty, Fingers Arachnid, Floren de Kichen, Chubbie Pickens, Mr. E. S. Carpenter, Ludwig Von Slingerlund, Sarah Ann Green Eagle, Floral Clustah, Maxie Ripnit, and Lurch Hooper ~ among others.

Of course, you may have another reason for being here. Seeking info about some music heard recently, shared, streamed, or on a playlist? Searching for info about a particular band [Bobby Comstock Band, Headwind, Strange Brew, Farmhouse Garage, etc.] or about a particular song, recording artist or musician, past or current? Sorry ~ no imbedded search function. Check ‘Bandography’ on the ABOUT page; SONG INFO; pics and artwork in PHOTO/ART GALLERY; and wade through the many tidbits ~ both relevant and obscure ~ in our often quoted (if not outright plagiarized!) Q&A pages, © (!) 

Then send comments, questions, love and hate mail by using the email addresses on the Q&A page or the CONTACT form there. We answer many inquiries directly, and if interesting on a broader scale, sometimes post the exchange. Thanks.


 Continue onward!

*   *   * *   *   *   *

One question we  may get so often that I don't put it in Q&A: "Why  do you always have a UFO somewhere"?

Well,  artists traditionally try to show what they perceive to be the truth. And the UFO is an icon of the truth about humanity ~ its past, present and future ~ and how We, the People have been denied that. 

Neil Armstrong's entire quote from the moon (July 20, 1969) was:  "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. The UFOs are watching us as we are walking on the moon.That big clunky glitch in the audio just after 'mankind' was your government cutting off the truth. (Previously, when preparing to land the Apollo 11 LEM, the crew transmitted: "Oh, my God, you wouldn't believe it. These babies are huge, sir, enormous.")

It's no good to get caught up in fear. Some ETs are here to help us, some only help themselves. I imagine it's like that all across the galaxy. Ultimately, the truth will out – with  help from those who really ARE our Star Friends. And in a show of good faith, they could  remove the image of William Shatner from ALL television screens, eh? 

*   *   *     *   *   *

Until then, take a  breath.  Hava mugga joe, a cuppa tea, glassa wine, steina brew, shotta scotchsplasha juice, or a cool drinka wahwah ~ and roll some of our tunes of remarkably different genres. Might as well  have some fun...

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

' ' The music you love is wherever you find it! ' '     TM

Thanks for listening & mucho appreciado...

*   *  *    

~ Steve

a.k.a. The Steward

Q & A ~ we HEAR from LISSNERS :

Q. hey steward cartune website looks home made i’m liken the diffrent music your oldskool bizarro! keep rollin [signed] heartie

A. Aye, me Heartie, that we shall do, the Great Pumpkin, the Grand Piano and Wakan Tanka all willing. Yeah, definitely is homemade ~ and healthy like farmhouse tomato sauce ~ an ongoing design of this lefthanded mind with a little bit o' help from me friends – which is still a valid description of the music, graphic art (and 12-page booklet insert!) in the old Farmhouse Garage Band album, published back when this crazed effort first started in 2010. [That aging CD is still available, I hear, from some distribution sites. Must be like a ‘collectors’ item' by now, huh?] But the music is at the bass of it all. Thanks for the heartfelt text.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

COMMENT from Musician D, Auburn CA: Stew, LOL ! Just lissened to Hey/Hay !  Excellent lyrical writing and phenom instrumentation. I am blown away. Awesome mix. You don’t take yourself too seriously. Speechless. Can’t say enough about how you keep bluegrass fresh. My emotions went 0-90 in seconds, my thinking stretched with lyrics from Hicksville to infinity. Enjoyed your latest song like i enjoy Handel’s Messiah, Dueling Banjos, Sultans of Swing, and Itchycoo Park, etc. You’re inspiring to many in multiple ways.

 My take on your banjo/fiddle chops, (no matter how they came into creation): they are here today for today’s fid-jo players of stature. To take their best to a new and fresh place. Note: they’re not bionic licks, requiring 6 fingers on 3 hands. These licks are humanly traditionally possible. Just that I’ve never heard ‘em done… at all. Earl Scruggs ‘introduced’ his new fresh style called - what else?: ‘Scruggs finger picking style’. It radically changed banjo playin’. I’ve seen Japanese bluegrass bands of great combined abilities, and ‘da banjo guy is doing (what else?) but Scruggs. Kudos on your organic career, equipping these lyrics with grass roots experiencial knowledge. Top Cat cool. Thank God You’re a Country Boy.

Stew RESPONSE: Hey D, Well, I am and I ain't, but I'm gonna stay out of ultralight aircraft no matter what... Thanks for appreciative words regarding the hay song. (For being speechless, you speak rather well.) We spend time researching, lissning to and studying accomplished players, helping us imagine the part we want to hear on the piece. Then it’s up to us to try to make it happen.

Funny thing is I busted hump to get that song out for my hay guys during 1st cutting. I imagined them playing it good'n loud in the tractors & hauler trucks. When they came back a lot later for a 3rd cut, (we had had lotsa of rain), I asked, “Didja ever listen to my hay makin’ song?”, and Bob said, “No, not yet. I dunno how to work the CD player in the barn.” Well, maybe this winter, I told him. That's the music biz alright... [Backstory in SONG INFO]

*   *   *   *   *     

Q. The Steward, Hi. Love "Reworking the Clone" and "Crossing Across". I read your recent comments ['From the Director', Nov./Dec. '21] about the moon landing, UFOs, etc. with interest, since I am familiar with the whole cover-up scenario. But the ‘entire quote’, as stated, was never on Ancient Aliens or any other show I’ve ever seen. Where does that come from? SkyWARD5

A.  It comes from William S. Tompkins. Please read his book “Selected by Extraterrestrials(2015) - or chapter 28, at least. Perceived to be an amazing child prodigy design genius, he ‘dreamed up’ much of what made the US space program a success, and he also went way beyond that. He had credentials and security clearances as long as yer arm. He taught Wernher von Braun a few things. Bill Tompkins was there in the control room at the Cape and witnessed that live transmission - both audio AND visual - along with many others. And watch for our new single on this subject, to be released ASAP ~ and I'm happy that you like those instrumentals. Thanks for the SkyWARD5 writing.  

~ use these ( free ) song players one of two ways ~

1. Simply click on the arrow in the circle to play that song. it plays and stops. (your screen stays here.)

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2. OR: click on the left-hand artwork. This takes you to the SoundCloud page for a larger view of the cover art and audio waveform. (After that track plays, other tracks may play automatically - or just backspace back to here.)

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note: The SoundCloud players employ cookies for reading analytics data. (actually, we prefer them for dunking.) we discharge the legal mandate to disclose this here.

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PLAYERS - hear the complete Songs - FREE

It's bluegrass about bluegrass, released on the summer solstice.  TIME: 4:31

Goodtimes Jukie-box pop.  TIME: 4:01
The John Lennon thing, written Dec. 8, 1980, released Dec. 8, 2020.  TIME: 6:19
The flipside of the single. 'Left-handed hip hop' - or not.  TIME: 3:00
Bowling ball rock with a big hook at the end.    TIME: 5:34
 A bittersweet lament about those double rainbows.    TIME: 4:08
Western Country, 100% INSTRUMENTAL, a big twang for a big horse.   TIME: 3:42
Zorro's black horse finally lands a speaking role. Oh, Wilbur!  TIME: 3:41
The Steward performs Sgt. Garcia's drinking song LIVE at the Hollywood Roosevelt.  TIME: 6:09
 Two-stage ROCK INSTRUMENTAL dedicated to the loved one crossed over.  TIME: 5:53
Sister to "CROSSING..." - Lyrics for a WEDDING or JOINING celebration. TIME: 6:08
 Our modest homage to '40s big band JAZZ: Duke, Count et al. 99.7% INSTRUMENTAL, Time: 2:14
JAZZ/ROCK/FUNK for those who have served and will march no more. 99.8% INSTRUMENTAL  TIME: 5:46
Grandpa makes the wrong decision for all the right reasons in this COUNTRY BALLAD. TIME: 4:18
A four-minute COUNTRY barn-thumping foot-stomper, a follow-up to "Frackin' Fool." 
Space-trekking 3-minute ROCK guitar INSTRUMENTAL, the STEWARDS ECLECTRIC re-cut.
INDIE ROCK is based upon the Lakota word and its meaning.  TIME: 5:21
A solo BLUES performance, one Strat, one microphone, one big ad-lib.  TIME: 5:02

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~ We do our best to "Have Some Fun!"